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Advertise With Pure Muskoka

OUR MISSION: To intimately promote Muskoka while keeping her scared

Advertise With Us

Advertising with Pure Muskoka is a unique opportunity to reach a huge, yet local, audience in a creative and compelling way. We present your brand in a big, bold and beautiful way.

Sponsor A Daily Photo

Tens of thousands of locals, cottagers and visitors eagerly await our daily photo that we post to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This is your chance to have your business get exposure and support our popular daily Muskoka Moment photos.

Do you have something else in mind?

Pure Muskoka has many other opportunities that can be explored. We’d love to get creative with you and discuss custom campaigns and other ways we could possibly partner together.

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Custom Video Production

Have you seen our Pure Muskoka portraits?

If you’d got a Muskoka story to tell, we have the skills and tools to bring it to life and share it with our Pure Muskoka community.

Honest And Transparent

Advertising doesn’t need to be catchier, more creative, bigger, funnier, viral or sexier to shine through. At the end of the day, it just needs to be honest.

We built Pure Muskoka to effect positive change on marketing and advertising. Our campaigns feel authentic and transparent because they are. Everyday we bring out the best qualities of Muskoka and forge emotional connections with our audience.