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Jerry Can Gas Hack For Your Boat

If you have a cottage on one of the lakes that doesn’t have a marina, or if you’re a little more thrifty and prefer not to pay for the pricier marina gas, you likely have to fill your boat with jerry cans.

If you have a large gas tank this can be quite a chore, sometimes using 4-5 cans. Any of us that have lived through this know it can be awkward, hard on the back and tricky not to spill any gas on the boat or in the water. With the newer jerry cans, that don’t have the vent cap at the back, it can take even longer.

Well, we’ve got a trick/hack that will save you time, stop you from spilling and contorting your body to fill your boat.


  • About 3 to 5 feet of 1 1/2” clear plastic pvc tubing (you can get any any home building centre)
  • A couple of rags.


  • Place your jerry can close to your gas tank intake and make sure the can is higher than the tank as gravity is an important factor in this method. We suggest putting the can on one of your rags, as they’re usually dirty and you don’t want to mess up your boat.
  • Secure one end of the plastic tubing into your gas intake into your boat. Make sure its secure and won’t slide out or you will end up spilling everywhere.
    Take the other end of the tubing and place it into your jerry can and make sure it goes all the way to the bottom.
  • Wrap your other rag tightly around the airspace where the tube is going into your jerry can making sure no air can escape or gasoline can sill out. (If you have one of the old style cans with the vent, make sure the vent is tightly closed)
  • Take your leg and press it up against one side of the can (or find another way to support it) and use your other hand to push against the other side of the can, pushing all the air out. You will see the tube fill with gas and start filling the boat. At this point you can sit back and relax and watch the boat fill.
    Keep a keen eye on everything to make sure the hose doesn’t slip out of the boat or gas will spill everywhere.
  • This method works best with a full jerry can of gas. It’s much harder to get the siphon going when the can isn’t full as there is too much air to push out by pressing on the sides of the can.


Before you start each can, be sure you have enough capacity in your gas tank for the full can or you will over-flow all over the boat and into the lake.


In our video where we tested the two methods we had the nozzle of the can (during the conventional method) upside down. For best results when using the vented nozzle make sure the vent (smaller passage way) is at the top. Our results were skewed slightly because of this, but the hack method is still a much, much faster, cleaner and friendly on the body method.

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